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milena_d's Journal

Milena D.
4 March 1987
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  • milena_d@livejournal.com
.About Me.

Welcome to my LJ! Here I house my fics and vids. I wish I could create visual arts but I just don't have the natural talent for it.

I am a 23 year old University student, working towards a major in Linguistics, minors in Anthropology and Psychology, and a certificate in teaching ESL. Under the respectable exterior, however, lies the biggest obsessive geek around. I love anime but rarely get the chance to watch any, I love and obsess over all these other shows instead! ^_~


.My Fandoms.

Before you go on, you should know I'm not at core a slasher. I've been het shipping for the first two decades of my life! Then came Sherlock Holmes on Christmas 2009...and the rest just coincidentally showed up after :P Totally not planned!

Current Obsessions (they change rapdily):
-- BBC's Merlin (solidified my new-found love of slash pairings: Merlin/Arthur)
-- Criminal Minds (not uber slashy but big friendshippiness on Morgan/Reid)
-- Jake & Amir *points to .gif icon* (webseries from College Humor, they fit my type, what can I say? :P)
-- Supernatural (haven't actually started watching but I plan to ship Dean/Cas hard :P)

Fandoms I've cooled off in but still have things in the production queue
-- Warehouse 13 (coming back in June!! Love Pete/Myka, love the family!Artie/Claud, love the whole team!)
-- Stargate SG-1 (Daniel/Vala was my first fandom experience, and I've still got plenty of them to showcase in fan-format!)
-- Battlestar Galactica (in the span of 4 months I started watching it, fell in love with it, it ended and tore me apart. I have plans but I'm still healing :P)
-- Dollhouse (every member of the supporting cast is epic and I love them, I don't know if I have vidding plans for them yet though)

Shows I like but have no real inclination to create something for:
+ Psych, The Big Bang Theory, Worst Week (US version), Reaper, The Closer, No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Bones, Better Off Ted.

Fandoms that stimulate my homicidal urges:
+ Twilight, Grey's Anatomy, Twilight, House, MD (to a lesser degree. loved it when it started, hate it now), Twilight, LOST (same as House), Twilight, and Twilight.


++ This layout was created by sql_girl and posted at nutty_musings.
++ The Arthur/Merlin (Merlin), Warehouse 13, Adelle/Dominic (Dollhouse), Morgan/Reid (Criminal Minds), Daniel/Vala (SG-1), and Sherlock Holmes icons were made by scifi_tv_addict.
++ The Adama/Roslin (BSG) icon was made by lindsey_grissom.
++ The Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) icon was made by e0wyn.
++ The Jake&Amir .gif icon was found in a post by aceftepicw at gullieship and was made by "Kerios".
++ Mini star icon by these fine people.
++ Mini comm icon by weehobbit in mintyapple.
++ Arrested Development Mood Theme by drphungus, posted at the_bluths.

Art credits for textures/patterns/photos:
++ tnimalan from stock.xchng

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