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Two vids in three days!?!? She must be on a roll!

But I'm really not :P  I just had both nearly done and it took the approaching deadline of the Stargate Fan Music Video Award nominations to kick me in the butt and finish them.

This one is completely AU (as you'll come to find most of my vids are :P).  It all started whenscifi_tv_addict  and I decided that we would make complementary "Cam/Sam in mourning" vids.  Well, in what I recall was less than a week, she popped out the beautiful, moving, heart-wrenching vid of Cam trying to go on after Sam's passing.  You can find it at HERE, it's called Porcelain Heart and honestly it'll just blow you away.

So, I picked a song, "Standing in the Rain" by Superchic(k), and I knew that my vid would be about Sam mourning the loss of her Cam.  And beyond that?  Absolutely nothing.  For the life of me, I spent WEEKS listening to the song on a constant loop and nothing came to me.  Finally I had to resort to piecing it together by what I knew I could manip but there still wasn't a coherent idea until Verse 2 was put together, then it started (slowly) falling into place :P

So here it is, the product of months-long vidder's block ^_~  The Summary is below if you're interested but it should be fairly easy to follow. ^_^ Major spoilers for AoT, minor for Continuum!

Click on the banner to watch on YouTube!

The banner was made by  the very generous [info]scifi_tv_addict who was also my fabulous beta!



Summary: Cam is fatally wounded in his fight with the Replicator and despite Dr. Lam’s best efforts, he dies, leaving his wife, Sam, and their daughter, Cassie, behind. Sam memories of him and her need to take care of their daughter keep her going but after his funeral, she slips. Thankfully she pulls through and gets back on the mission roster early, despite Dr. Fraiser’s concerns, and when the Krull Warrior starts hunting her off-world, she knows she has to fight back - to survive - for her daughter, and slowly, she begins to rebuild her life.

Tags: [vids: sg-1] cam/sam, [vids] all
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