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Teen Wolf Fic: 36 Hours Later

I had to write it so I did, despite there being about a gadjillion other post-Motel California fics already out there.  The words just wanted out!

Title: 36 Hours Later
Rating: PG-13/Teen+
Pairing(s): Stiles/Derek pre-slash, Jennifer/Derek in canon form
Warnings: For those who'd like a warning, this fic does portray Derek/Jennifer in a neutral light. I think her character in the fic is more important than her relationship with Derek (would that it were that way on the show...)

Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is just a fanfic for fun, not for profit.

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Some 36 hours after the fight he wasn't invited to, there's a car parked outside Derek's loft but it's not the Camaro or the new van, and Stiles doesn't know what that means but the good money's on something bad.  So when he parks the Jeep, he takes a moment to simply sit and breathe.  He figures he should take a moment before he has to come to terms with the fact that his Day and Night from Hell have extended into a Day and Night and Day again.

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"Carry Us to Shore" - Oneshot (Captain Hook|Killian Jones/Emma Swan)

I couldn't find a comm for this pairing (I guess they're mostly on tumblr?) but I wanted to post this on my LJ anyway!  Maybe some of you are into this show/pairing?

Title: Carry Us to Shore
Rating: PG-13/Teen+
Pairing: Captain Hook|Killian Jones/Emma Swan
Warnings: Grief, loss of a child, mental/emotional breakdown, delusions, suicide, anaphylaxis. **This has a happyish ending** I promise.

Disclaimer: I don’t own OUAT or its characters, this is purely fanfiction.

Summary: Modern!AU, Canon-Compliant.  The loss of their child shatters the boundaries of her reality but that's not enough to break them apart.  This is a world where love is incontrovertible, and truth is subjective.

A/N #1:  Because my aim was to achieve a minimalistic, mood-driven story, I've refrained from diving into an excess of research (I still researched everything I needed but not down to the last detail like I usually do). Therefore, there might be a lot of details that don't add up for those more in the know, and for that I apologize.

A/N #2:  This story was beta'd by Stef (scifi-tv-addict on LJ). I don't think I've harassed her this much over a project since my early days of vidding. She is a saint, an actual saint, and this fic would have been shit without her help.

A/N #3:  Finally, there is a music video in the works that will hopefully be done in the next week or two. When it's up, I'll add the link here and have a separate post for it as well.

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Walk of Shame - Women of the Horror Genre

To follow my last first, my first multifandom video!  And for movies no less!  Though this one is definitely more my style. ;)  Crack. Galore.

Summary: A multifandom girl-power vid about the women in horror movies who refuse to be labeled by their sexuality, and refuse to passively accept their fates.  They are not virgins, they are not whores, they are women, and they're sure as hell not going quietly.

Warning: I'm not a fan of gore at all (seriously, get it away from me) but there is naturally some inescapable violence in this vid.  There are violent acts, portrayals of wounded people, a lot of fear, and a lot of people covered in blood.  Fair warning.

For those interested in the background of this video and the symbolism of the whores/virgins in horror:
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O Death - Argents v. Hales v. Death (Teen Wolf)

So! My first Teen Wolf video.  Really not my usual style, is it?  But sometimes, once in a very blue moon, I get the inspiration to do something more solemn and dark, and weirdly, it comes together ridiculously quickly (see: Hands, a few days) compared to my lightearted projects (see: High School Never Ends, 1 year +).  So that's how this vid happened first instead of the multiple others that are light-hearted and varyingly complicated.  

Summary: Those who take on Death's role to escape Its clutches are never truly safe.  Death doesn't leave loose ends.

I was trying to express the inevitability of Death.  How you can pass it on to buy some time but you can't outrun it.  And how the most innocent at first (Peter, Allison) are transformed into Death personified by others' malice.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.  This fanvideo was made for fun, not for profit.


Hello to any and all who still follow me on Livejournal!

It occurs to me that in my blasphemous discovery and adoption of Tumblr, I didn't let anyone know that I was now operating primarily from there.  

I am less active in the Stargate fandom (I still participate in the yearly Daniel/Vala Exchange, and am slowly working on finishing my remaining fics, but that's about it), nor am I likely to produce more fics/vids for Dollhouse or Warehouse 13.  The last vid I posted was for the show Parks & Recreation, the one I'm about to post in the next couple of hours is for the show Teen Wolf, and the last two fics I wrote are also for the show Teen Wolf.  To be honest, all of my current projects are Teen Wolf-related (and possibly Supernatural-related) and probably will be for a while. 

If that interests you, or if you're also new to Tumblr and looking up old fandom pals, please come follow me on Tumblr at!

Livejournal gave me some of the best years, friendships and opportunities of my fandom life but Tumblr's fast pace suits my lack of attention so much more these days.

Gab / Milena 

P.S. I'm in the process of moving my Stargate and Warehouse 13 fics to AO3 but I will still update the current fics on FF.NET when the need arises.  I'm not sure if I'll also be posting the chapters on LJ, it's just a lot less convenient.
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VID: "Call Me Maybe" (Leslie/Ben, Parks & Recreation)

*shakes dust off of LJ*

Hey guuuys, so it's been *cough* a while - yay Grad School...or something!  Anyway, coming out of the woodwork to post a video I made for my friend scifi_tv_addict's birthday (yesterday).  

Anyway, on with tradition!

THE BACKGROUND: It's the first vid I've made in a year and it was done in roughly 7 hours, both annoying me (because I have a lot of other vids that are years in the making) and pleasing me greatly (because it's really, really nice to catch a muse every once in a while and hot damn but the Parks & Rec muses are strong).

THE POINT: This is a fun/upbeat video about the cuteness and craziness that is the Leslie/Ben ship on Parks & Recreation.

THE RED-TAPE:  I own nothing, not the show, not the characters, not the song.  All were borrowed for non-profit entertainment with my thanks.

*** So it's just past 3:30 am over here and I'm exhausted so I'm not going to upload the vid for download tonight (though you can get it through YT if you're crafty ;)).  Also, chances are good that I'll forget to upload it tomorrow (I'm easily distracted :P) so if anyone would absolutely like a downloadable version and sees that I've forgotten to post such, could you leave me a reminder?  Thanks and goodnight, folks! :) ***
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TVRealm Episode 1x06: Top 50

For my top 50 theme, I chose the top 50 duos I like to see interact.  That doesn't mean ship, it means that when both of these characters interact with each other on-screen, my whole attention is on them, either because their dialogue is so hilarious, or their drama is so mesmerizing, or anything in between!

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New Comm!


A landcomm for all things TV. With 3 different teams: Chiller (Crime & Thriller), Dramedy (Comedy/Drama) & Supernatural (Sci-Fi & Fantasy).
It doesn't matter what team you're on, you'll get to work with any tv show you heart desires!

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"The Squeak Who Stole Christmas" - Oneshot (Daniel/Vala)

 As I wrote in the previous post, this is the second of two stories I wrote last Christmas for the dv_exchange that never made it to the regular hot spots.  Hope you like it!

Title: The Squeak Who Stole Christmas
Author: Milena D.
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Humour, Romance
Pairing/Characters: Daniel/Vala, Cam, Sam, Teal'c + The Awesome Secondary Characters of the SGC
Warnings: No spoilers, but some Cam/Sam thrown in as an aside.
Summary: Vala and Daniel have been having a lot of bad days but find something completely random to cheer each other up.
Dedicated (last year) to: little_giddy  ! Merry Christmas (again!)

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"Santa's Little Helper" - Oneshot (Daniel/Vala)

Holy crap it's a Christmas miracle!  Well, last year's miracle.  And not a miracle at all, but a late night crack-attack of writing.  I wrote this and another piece for the dv_exchange  last year and somehow, they never made it to my actual LJ or  And since I was crazy bogged down with school this year and clearly suck, I figured I could at least share what I did last year.  So here's the first one, I'll post the second in a sec!

Title: Santa's Little Helper
Author: Milena D.
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Humour, Family, Romance
Pairing/Characters: Daniel/Vala, Cassie Frasier
SPOILERS: None, it's AU.
Summary: Going to see the mall Santa is not a suitable experience for teenagers.  Not only is it boring and demeaning, but there's a high probability of being kidnapped if your pseudo-uncle is Daniel Jackson.  That's just how the universe works.

Dedicated (last year) to: kazzy ! Merry Christmas (again!) 

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